FS Polarstern

   Data Inventory

Directs to Data Inventory.


Directs to DSHIP Extraction where the user selects the desired rawdata and defines the needed measuring period before he starts the raw data extraction.

   Extracted Data

Directs to the file structure where raw data exported via DSHIP Extractions has been stored by the Archive System. From here, raw data can be accessed or saved locally for further processing. For each user executing DSHIP Extraction, a folder named after the logged-in user exists in which the extracted raw data has been stored.

Attention: Extracted data files will be deleted after 7 days!


Directs to documents relevant for raw data extraction with information about the installation of the DSHIP Archive System, the installation of the BAPAS-ODBC driver for direct access to BAPAS databases, and information about how to use DSHIP Extraction.